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For all your underground and surface mining, we have the solutions for all extreme mining conditions.

We offer specialized mining products and services, designed and developed specifically for the most severe applications commonly found in open pit and underground mines. Our solutions will enable your operations to improve uptime, reduce costs and lower risks.

Features of our specialized offer for Mining:

  • High pressure hydraulics

    Fluiconnecto offers high pressure hoses, hydraulic Staple lock connectors for underground coal mining, hydraulic components (pumps, actuators, cylinders and many more), automated lubrication systems, refueling systems, dispensing and metering equipment and more.

  • on site support

    Being closer enables maximum uptime at the most competitive cost. With our Onsite Workshops we ensure maximum uptime and are able to deliver a consistent product and service offer, 24/7 365.

  • Exceeding international specifications

    We are committed to deliver high standard services using high quality products. The products we supply fulfill and exceed the specifications of international Type Approvals for the Mining sector:

    • MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration USA)
    • PN-G 32000, PN-G 32010 (Mining Hose assemblies Poland)
    • B Safety (Mining approval POLAND).
    • FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-Static Australia)
    • MA (Mining product approval China)
    • DGMS (Directorate General of Mines Safety India)

    When working in a high risk and demanding environment as within the Mining sector, certifications and expertise are crucial. Our technicians are continuously trained & certified according to international requirements. Our technicians are Manuli certified to perform inspection, diagnostics and hose assembly replacement.

  • Specialized mining hose connectors

    Fluiconnecto offers a dedicated Manuli STAPLE LOCK (STECKO) hose connector system for mining applications. It has been designed to improve performance and safety in demanding mining environments.

  • fully integrated hose management program

    We keep it running with our flui-ID Hose Management Program that goes beyond inspection activities. Our innovative program consists of a detailed strategy that conducts hose management services with the aim to improve uptime, reduct costs and decrease risks.

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