flui-ID HOSE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Optimize the availability of your Hydraulic & Industrial hose assemblies


flui-ID is a hose management service that aims to improve uptime, reduce costs and decrease risks.

With flui-ID you will be in control of your operations. Our services are available 24/7 and are carried out by fully trained and certified technicians.

Reactive to proactive & preventive approach

We help you to improve your maintenance strategy with our flui-ID programme.

flui-ID will transform your hose maintenance, by switching from a reactive approach to a less costly and more efficient preventive approach. Planned service intervals and replacement of only those hoses requiring attention avoids additional costs and unexpected failures.

How we do it

  • Hose inspection

    Our Certified Technicians inspect your hose assemblies and look for any wear & tear signs such as cracks, visible braid, leaks or kinks. Our Technicians have been trained and certified by Manuli Hydraulics (the hose system manufacturer) and operate according to the world’s demanding norms & specifications.

  • Tagging

    During the inspection process, we will tag your hoses with a unique ID number that will be linked to a full description of the hose in our cloud database. You can use this ID number to order replacement hoses in a fast & easy way – no other technical knowledge is required!

  • Inspection report

    A detailed report is generated after the inspection process, to give you a full overview of the hose condition & location. Once the Inspection Report is entered into our flui-ID system, you can view the ‘online register’ of all your hoses.

  • Maintenance plan

    Based on the Inspection result, a maintenance plan is made for each and every hose assembly or hydraulic component that specifies subsequent inspection intervals (to control its condition) or replacement date.

  • Cloud based database & alerting system

    All the information gathered during inspection are available in our FLUI-ID system, where you can:

    • Browse a list of all available hoses & other assets
    • Check the location of each asset
    • See what hoses & assets require inspection


flui-ID benefits


    by replacing hoses before they fail.


    by having high quality hoses installed.


    with a more efficiently organized maintenance and superior product quality.


    because your hoses have all been tagged with a unique ID number, you can order replacement hose assemblies using just this ID number. Ordering this way is fast and easy and which means you can reduce your stock of hose assemblies.


    REAL TIME REPORTING & DASHBOARDS that help you be on top of your daily tasks.

What flui-ID delivers

With the flui-ID Hose Management Program you will be able to make the safety status of all your operations visible, avoiding unexpected costs and increase uptime.

flui-ID delivers:

  • Detailed online master register
  • Comprehensive list of assemblies needing priority attention and associated recommendations
  • Activity and progress reports
  • Detailed close out reports to be provided on completion
  • Ongoing lifecycle hose management plan
  • Detailed strategy for conducting scheduled hose management services

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