Fluiconnecto Achieve 3 Million Hours Without Lost Time Due to Injury Award

Our Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso team are proud to have received an award from African Mining Services (AMS) for their safety efforts, achieving 3 million hours without lost time due to injury. AMS is a contract surface mining and exploration drilling company with over 30 years’ experience throughout Western Africa. Like Fluiconnecto, AMS believe safety is paramount and both companies are focused on the best possible results for our clients and mining projects alike.

This award is a fantastic achievement for our Fluiconnecto West Africa team. Knowing we are ensuring safety to our team members is a priority and we work effortlessly to maintain this standard.

Our Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso team have a ‘safety first’ motto. This motto keeps safety top-of-mind and reinforces the notion that it is always best to avoid unnecessary risks by undertaking precautions that will keep us safe from all accidents or incidents at work.

This achievement means that we are keeping each other safe at work and are following African Mining Services (AMS) safety procedures.

As an international service organization, it is our responsibility to follow all safety principals ensuring we are Keeping It Running, and our team members are safe at work no matter the job at hand.

Another fantastic achievement for our Fluiconnecto on-site team in Sanbrado, Burkina Faso.

Just another example of how We Keep It Running!