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For your machine systems: hydraulic, pneumatic, central lubrication, fluid and industrial transfer

Hydroshops are Fluiconnecto’s specialized service points, open to the public and strategically located to be closer to you. At our Hydroshops you can easily place and collect your orders, as well as make use of our wide range of professional services: from hose assemblies to the maintenance of hydraulic lines.

Our experienced and professional personnel will guide you through the whole process to find the right solution for your assets and to keep your operations running. Each Hydroshop is equipped with its own hose assembly workshop, a service area and a warehouse that stocks thousands of parts to guarantee an efficient and prompt service. At our Hydroshops our engineers will solve your technical problems in a fast and professional way.


  • Faster ordering​­ order via phone, email or fax
  • Products delivered​­ at your doorstep
  • Reduce downtime​­ by using our mobile 24/7 services
  • One stop shop​– all you need in one place
  • Hassle free hose ordering​­ with FLC tagged hoses
  • Find replacement parts quicker​­ our engineers will advise and order the best solution for you
  • Extend the service life of our​​products​– Manuli’s Integrated System
  • Reduce your inventory​– Fluiconnecto carries the parts you need
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