Recycling & Waste management specialists

Recycling & Waste management

Whether you have a fleet of garbage trucks that keep the area free from residential refuge or operate a landfill site or unblock sewers, we have got you covered. As specialists for high pressure components for water and oil we understand the demands of these applications.

That's why we offer a diverse range of products and services. We want you to know WE KEEP IT RUNNING.

Features of our specialized offer for RECYCLING & WASTE MANAGEMENT:

  • Hydraulics

    From front loaders, dumpsters, grapple trucks, street sweepers to underground waste collection systems…, we know how to serve you with our product range:

    • high pressure hydraulic hoses
    • quick couplings, fittings, bite ring fittings
    • custom bent rigid pipes and tube clamps
    • hose protection for longer service life
    • cylinders
    • gear, vane and piston pumps
    • filters and valves
  • Sewer & water cleaning product range

    Vacuum trucks, professional cleaning machinery and other cleaning applications request dedicated products:

    • sewer cleaning hoses (rubber and thermoplastic)
    • water jet washing hoses & hydro dynamic cleaning hoses
    • chemical hoses, hydrant hoses and abrasive material hoses
    • suction (PVC) hoses
    • steel pipes
    • nozzles for sewer cleaning: standard, rotating, chain scrapers
    • fittings Camlock, Storz, Geka and many others
  • On-site maintenance

    To solve your hydraulic problems wherever and whenever they occur, our Service on-site van comes to the rescue. The Fluiconnecto service on-site vans are fully equipped mobile workshops with highly skilled and experienced technicians that will solve the hydraulic problems on-site.

  • Preventive maintenance and RBI

    Inspection of your hydraulic hoses and other flexible parts of a high - pressure installation or system provides a clear view of the risks present within this system. With our flui-ID program we offer preventive maintenance and Risk Based Inspections (RBI) to reduce these risks. This is highly important both for people, the environment and your business.

  • Applications

    • garbage trucks, rubble container collecting trucks
    • garbage trucks
    • sewer cleaning vacuum trucks
    • toilet service trucks
    • snow ploughs, street sweepers and water carts
    • scrap yard machines and presses

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