On Wednesday this week (January 24th), Fluiconnecto Guinea hosted a customer event at their Hydroshop in Conakry.

For the event, Fluiconnecto organized a demonstration of GRACO building paint pumps. The demonstration was conducted by Mr. Sebastien Brunellière, GRACO’s Business Development Specialist for Africa. Mr. Brunellière is based in the European GRACO Head Quarters in Belgium and went to Guinea especially for this event.

“This new mechanical painting application technology has certainly attracted the interest of Guinean construction professionals. The tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of these new tools with productivity increase and ease of use”. Said Mr. Sebastien Brunellière

From 10:00 to 13:00, Fluiconnecto Guinea welcomed around 50 guests at the installations of their Hydroshop in Conakry. Among the guests, customers and potential customers were present, from several market sectors, such as Construction and Public Works, Road Tracing and Industry.

All participants were impressed with the performance of GRACO’s building paint pumps and pressure washers. The event offered a great opportunity for guests to interact with Fluiconnecto personnel and learn more about our solutions for their applications.

“Fluiconnecto Guinea appreciates the constant technical support from GRACO and its commitment to this event. In order to maximize the benefits for our customers, Fluiconnecto doesn’t only sale these products but also provides integrated services like installation, commissioning, and maintenance of all products we supply. Up to request, Fluiconnecto is also able to arrange for specific training sessions with the support of GRACO Engineers, for all applications like automatic lubrication, road marking, industrial paint  and coating. The success of this event encourages us to repeat this experience in the future. We are aware of the great importance of connecting with customers and potential customers. This type of event allows us to better understand and identify their needs and provide improved tailored solutions”. Said Mr. Marcel Rossat, Fluiconnecto Guinea  General Manager


To learn more about Fluiconnecto’s offer in Guinea, please visit our local website Or directly get in contact with the local Hydroshop