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If you are looking for hydraulic maintenance services we have you covered. We work with manufacturing companies like yours to deliver products & services that will reduce machine downtime and extend the service life of your final product.

If unplanned downtime caused by failure of hydraulic components is not an option, find out how Fluiconnecto can increase the availability of your machines with our maintenance services. With no time to spare, Fluiconnecto can supply and deliver the components of your hydraulic, pneumatic, central lubrication or fluid transfer systems and minimise the probability of failure.

Our preventive hose management services involve: inspection, tagging for identification, service interval determination and replacements when necessary.

Features of our specialized offer for MANUFACTURING companies:

  • A complete product package

    For your crucial systems: pressure hydraulic, material transfer, pneumatic, central lubrication In Fluiconnecto we only offer durable & safe solutions from our trusted suppliers.

  • Hoses that offer longer service life

    Our hose assemblies exceed the requirements of international norms and in addition they are made according to Manuli Integrated System. Special abrasion protection is offered with our Manuli hose covers.

  • Services that keep you running

    • Services performed by qualified engineers 24/7
    • Specialized services for OEMs: kitting, tagging, pressure testing and other
    • Save time by: calling our SOS VAN, ordering by phone, hassle free ordering with a unique hose number
    • Flui-ID Hose Management Program designed to minimize unexpected failures

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