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Whether you’re aboard a drilling platform that is fighting 10 meter waves or drilling for shale gas under the scorching sun, we have you covered. We understand that safety and downtime plays a crucial role for you and your team.

To enable you to hit your daily drill targets Fluiconnecto supplies you with quality products trusted by top drilling contractors in the world.

Our products are the final result of years of research & development by Manuli Hydraulics, the leading manufacturer of hydraulic high-pressure hoses with over 80 years of experience. Our hose assemblies have the relevant, industry-recognised certifications such as API, DNV, GL, ABS and have been thoroughly tested in the field to deliver and exceed required specifications to provide maximum safety & performance. Combine this with our engineering services such as Flui-ID hose management and together with a partner like Fluiconnecto, you can accomplish the impossible. After all, WE KEEP IT RUNNING..

Features of our specialized offer for Oil & GAS:


  • A complete package of flexible connections for your crucial systems

    • Full line of hoses for drilling applications: rotary hoses, choke & kill, blow out preventer hoses, cementing hoses, wireline grease hoses, motion compensator hoses
    • All necessary high pressure hydraulic hoses for hydraulic applications
    • Industrial hoses for low pressure material transfer
    • Connections & accessories
  • Hoses that offer longer service life by:

    • meeting the requirements of international norms
    • being made according to Manuli System
    • assemblies produced in strategically located assembly units that are API Q1 & 7K certified
    • special, abrasion or fire resistant hose covers


  • Maintenance services performed by certified & qualified engineers:

    • flui-ID Hose Management Program
    • Hot Oil Flushing Services (HOF)
    • Hydraulic Hose Static Pressure Testing
    • Hose Inspection, Maintenance & Revalidation (IMR)
    • Tube Manufacture & Pressure Testing
    • On-site Installation and Commissioning
    • Hydraulic Service, Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul

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