Fluiconnecto Singapore is part of Fluiconnecto by Manuli, a leading international service organization, focused on high-pressure fluid connectors, providing products and application knowledge, as well as maintenance services, from OEM to End-Users in all market segments, through a global network tailored to local conditions.

Fluiconnecto by Manuli is one of the two distinct global organizations (together with Manuli Hydraulics) that compose Manuli Rubber Industries, a group built on experience gained over more than 80 years, with presence all over the world.

The customer, VELESTO ENERGY BERHAD (“VEB”) (formerly known as UMW Oil & Gas Corporation Berhad) is a Malaysia-based multinational provider of drilling for the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry (https://velesto.com/). 

After evaluating the offer of the five top Hydraulic service providers in Singapore, VELESTO selected Fluiconnecto Singapore to carry out their reinstatement project. The company based the decision on past excellent service track records working together, as well as on our capabilities to offer one-stop tailored solutions and high-quality products.

The task was completed in a short duration of 45 days. The project included: Scaffolding and Staging, Welding, Painting, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic particle inspection (MPI), Post Weld heat treatment (PWHT) and Pressure Testing.

Fluiconnecto’s team completed the project ahead of schedule, with zero incident, zero accident, no pollution to the environment and no damage to property/assets. VELESTO expressed to be completely satisfied by our highly professional service.

This remarkable result is undoubtedly a milestone for Fluiconnecto Singapore and another record of excellent service for our customer VELESTO.

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