Fluiconnecto is pleased to announce a new product from Manuli Hydraulics: LubMaster hose.

Lubrication is the lifeblood of almost any mechanical system with moving parts. From bearings and joints to gears and cables, without a constant, reliable supply of grease and oil, they would seize up and potentially cause catastrophic damage to the equipment. However, these components are quite often not in a place that is easy to lubricate manually, either due to accessibility or hazards. In these cases, one of the most common solutions is to have the lubricant delivered from a remote reservoir to a suitably located distribution point, such as a grease anchor block.


As grease and oils can be very viscous liquids the pressure required to force them through a small orifice, such as a grease nipple, is relatively high, so it is common for hydraulic hoses to be used for delivery in order to withstand the internal pressure. However, standard hydraulic hoses are not necessarily compatible with greases and oils which can lead to the rapid aging of the tube and therefore a much-reduced lifespan.

LubeMaster hose from Manuli Hydraulics is an ideal solution to this problem. LubeMaster combines a pressure resistance of 210 bar, a safety factor of 4:1 and a tube that is specially designed to be compatible with most commonly used greases and lubricating oils, including ATF (when used in ambient temperature applications). LubeMaster is available in both DN 6 and DN 10 sizes.

In addition, as you would expect from the world leader in providing integrated hydraulic connector solutions, the LubeMaster hose range is fully supported by a full range of both 2-piece and 1-piece fittings.



Are you interested in this product? Contact your Fluiconnecto representative to find out more about this and other Manuli original products.