New Insert, Push and Twist…Rubber Service Plugs

Hyspec recently added rubber service plugs to its range of products. These resistant and long lasting plugs are made from quality rubber, and are designed to keep working areas free from spill and minimise oils and chemical spillage into the environment.
The service plugs are available for all hole dimensions, ranging from 1mm to 42mm. They are very easy to use, can be cut if necessary, and no tools are required to insert or remove them: simply insert them into the hole, push and twist!
These rubber service plugs are:
Reusable; Designed for industrial and mining applications; Resistant to most oils and chemicals; Operate in temperature ranges from -25°C to +90°C (-15°F to +195°F); Can be used to cap hoses and prevent contamination from dust and particles.
They are already available in our Mali and Ghana workshops, and will be available in all other workshops shortly, as well as our Australian operations.
“We really appreciate these new service plugs” explains Nouhoum Sow, Gounkoto Mining Services Maintenance Workshop Supervisor. “They are very simple to use and help us work faster and prevent oil spillages”.
“Their flashy yellow colour also helps us identify the hoses easily amongst the hundreds of hoses that are present on a rig”, adds Yuri Arefier, Drill Maintenance Supervisor. “We can now more easily prevent hose contamination in the extremely dusty environment we work in.”
“I love the concept, and the fact that the plugs are reusable several times”, adds Carlos Lobo, Gounkoto Mining Services Technical Manager.
“The introduction of these reusable service plugs will save our customers time and money, and offer comparative performance and great advantages over the traditional steel caps and plugs,” explains Alan Wood, Hyspec Mining Services CEO. ” They also meet the stringent environmental policies on today’s mine sites. Rubber plugs are very simple to use and are substantially less expensive than standard steel caps and plugs.”
For additional information on these rubber service plugs, contact your Hyspec representative or email
To download the service plugs brochure, please click here.