Fluiconnecto Centralized Lubrication Systems Training in Senegal

Fluiconnecto recently conducted Centralized Lubrication System training sessions in Senegal, West Africa. The sessions were held at the Mako and Sabodala sites focused on strengthening preventive maintenance practices in lubrication system to ensure the optimal functioning of the equipment.

The Centralized Lubrication training program is designed to enhanced technical skills and is a part of Centralized Lubrication Systems Service Package. This package includes the inspection, service, troubleshooting, and maintenance of GRACO automatic greasing systems and Centralized Lubrication Systems.

Fluiconnecto Senegal invited some of our client representatives from HME Maintenance Department to be part of the training. By collaborating to enhance preventive maintenance practices, the Fluiconnecto team on-site and the client representatives can proactively identify potential issues, implement timely interventions, and ultimately increase the reliability and uptime of their equipment.

A significant highlight of the training was the hands-on demonstration of the GRACO Electric Dyna Star (EDS) with the injector system, providing practical insights into the operational nuances of this advanced technology.

Allan our Product Manager, West Africa said, "Training on automatic lubrication systems is crucial for the maintenance team for mining equipment in particular, as it ensures smooth operations, prolongs machinery lifespan, and minimizes downtime. Proper knowledge empowers the team to optimize lubrication schedules, prevent costly breakdowns, and ultimately enhance overall productivity in the mining industry."

By hosting training sessions such as these, Fluiconnecto demonstrates service excellence, client satisfaction, and our pledge to support our clients' evolving needs through continuous professional development.