Fluiconnecto at Digital Fluid Power 2024

The Twelfth Workshop on Digital Fluid Power was recently held at IHA Tampere, Finland. This brought together leading university researchers and industry experts from around the world, including Finland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Denmark. This event highlighted the latest advancements and future potential of digital hydraulics, offering a unique platform for collaboration and innovation.

A highlight of the event was the keynote lecture on Fluiconnecto's innovative work in digital water hydraulics for fusion reactor maintenance tools. This presentation focused on the development of digital hydraulic valve systems. These advancements showcase Fluiconnecto's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and enhancing the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic systems.

Fluiconnecto Finland Sales Manager, Harri. S, delivered a keynote speech that set the tone for the workshop. He noted, "The Twelfth Workshop on Digital Fluid Power was an event to see what is going on in the relatively new area of digital fluid power. Many of the presentations highlighted the potential of digital hydraulics in improving the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems."

The workshop successfully brought together the best minds in the field, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration. Fluiconnecto is proud to have been a contributor to this event, reinforcing our dedication to pioneering advancements and supporting the future of fluid conveying technology.