Fluiconnecto India Excels at EXCON 2023

Excon 2023

Fluiconnecto made a significant impact at EXCON from 12th to 17th December 2023 in Bangalore. EXCON is an extensive trade fair gathering a diverse range of participants, including small to large OEMs, component manufacturers, and retail distributors. This marked Fluiconnecto's second appearance at the event, and like its earlier participation, we presented an impressive array of machines and products.

Our exhibition at the event featured a spacious stand with bright aesthetics, encompassing captivating graphics, informative posters, and a carefully curated display of products. Each showcased item was a testament to innovation, specifically designed for demanding heavy-duty applications, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing and logistics, our dedicated OEM Business Unit sets us apart. By seamlessly integrating manufacturing, commercial, and logistics capabilities, we ensure a supply chain that is not only efficient but also responsive to the dynamic demands of our customers, this was explained and demonstrated in detail to our visitors.

Fluiconnecto India General Manager, Mr Singh reflected on our exhibition presence, "In the vibrant atmosphere that was EXCON 2023, our stand went beyond showcasing products — it was about forging connections and progress. Each meet and greet opportunity created a unique success story, revealing a vast market potential. Amidst these interactions, we discovered partners, not just clients.

“EXCON became a canvas of possibilities, blending innovation, and enthusiasm in every conversation. Here's to shared success and the unfolding of future partnerships. Cheers to a journey extending beyond the booth, resonating in the echoes of meaningful connections," said Mr. Singh.

Fluiconnecto's participation at EXCON stands as a successful embodiment of our commitment to excellence and industry leadership. The achievements underscore our dedication to innovation and fostering lasting partnerships.

Our presence at EXCON 23 is just another example of how #We Keep It Running.