Mural Artwork at Our Abidjan Hydroshop

Mural Artwork Abidjan

A new Mural Artwork has been professionally painted at our Abidjan Hydroshop. This magnificent piece of work was created by the team at Graff Ivoire, which encompasses a range of elements to reinforce our company values, and how ‘We Keep It Running’ as a service organization.

The Fluiconnecto Artwork illustrates two staff members and highlights hydraulics hose assemblies. The articulation of the hoses around the logo and the characters, incorporated with the arrows drawn from the codes of the graffiti, restores a modern and original image which reflects the dynamism of Fluiconnecto in Ivory Coast.

The Mural Artwork was shown to the attendees of our Fluiconnecto West Africa Conference that was held in Ivory Coast on April 18th – 20th 2023. This year’s theme - ‘Building a New Horizon Together’ saw Fluiconnecto employees and key suppliers attend a three-day conference which included this visit to our Abidjan Hydroshop.

The artists behind this masterpiece – Angelo and Israël, worked tirelessly to ensure all elements of our company were incorporated and displayed in an eye-catching manner.

The two Ivorian artists have quite the resume when it comes to designing and creating masterpieces. Angelo is a self-taught and specializes in airbrush painting and uses his technique on all avenues of artwork creation.

Israël has been a painter since 2005, specializing in acrylic painting on canvas. Israel discovered painting on walls in 2007 and was able to express his talent notably on the longest artwork in the world in Cotonou in Benin, a project initiated by the First Lady.

Great work and thank you to the team at Graff Ivoire for creating this magnificent artwork to complement our Abidjan Hydroshop.

This is how Fluiconnecto Ivory Coast supports the positive action of youth and also just another example of how We Keep It Running!

Mural Artwork Abidjan