This is How We Keep It Running: Corporate ID

Fluiconnecto Company ID

Our new video explains how we operate, our integrated business solutions and how we keep it running!

As an international company, with a presence in 6 continents, we are proud of our highly diversified team and what we are able to achieve.

As a trusted partner and provider of complete solutions, we offer a full range of products and services, designed to meet, and exceed our customers' expectations. As specialists in all market segments, we work hard to continually develop our team's knowledge and ensure we deliver the highest levels of service to satisfy our customer’s needs.

In this video, we give you backstage access to our company’s operations and teams. We showcase our services and operations, including our Hydroshops, SOS Vans, and OEM facilities.

The message is centered around three pillars:

  • Our Global Presence: We are an international and diverse organization, with a global presence. We are close to the customer and able to supply wherever and whenever they need our service.
  • Our Complete Offer: Fluiconnecto has a complete offer of products and services, including hydraulic hoses and fittings, lubrication systems, fire suppression solutions, tubes bending, conveying hoses, and more!
  • Our Technical Expertise: We work directly with the manufacturers particularly Manuli Hydraulics and Ryco Hydraulics; in this way we ensure product availability where and when our customers need it. We have deep knowledge of products and their applications.

  Just another example of How We Keep it Running!