This is How We Keep It Running: Fluiconnecto SOS Van Services

Fluiconnecto SOS Van Services

This is how we keep it running: Fluiconnecto SOS Van Services.

Our Fluiconnecto Service On-site Vans are fully equipped mobile workshops that will solve your hydraulic problems wherever and whenever they occur.

An SOS Van can provide support for a variety of hydraulic problems: from replacing a single hose on an excavator working on a construction site, to planned scheduled maintenance of hydraulic circuits on industrial & mobile machines.

In our newly released video, we followed one of our expert technicians and show how he performs an emergency service for one of our customers.

Fluiconnecto has a fleet of over 210 SOS Vans, in the Netherlands, U.K., Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and now France as well.

Our SOS Van Services include:

  • Fully equipped mobile workshops for on-site repairs.
  • Knowledgeable maintenance specialists able to analyze and correct the problem.
  • Always available at customers premises 24/7, 365 days.
  • Scheduled maintenance as well as emergency maintenance services.

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