A new communications system is being implemented in the Hyspec group

Hyspec is currently implementing a new telecommunications system in the group to provide high quality and reliable voice and data connectivity, independent from the local operators’ infrastructures. This means that the Hyspec teams now have access to an always on communications system, even when local lines are down.
The system is based on high speed satellite connections, and includes a Voice over IP system that interconnects all of the major Hyspec workshops, offering free telephony between the sites. This encourages knowledge sharing and the efficient exchange of information, which in turn allows Hyspec to proactively implement changes, and improve further on its offering to its customers, based on the information gathered across all of its sites.
The new system will also allow access to Hyspec’s centralized Accounting and Inventory database, providing real time information on stock usage and availability. This will ensure that the group holds the right amount of stock – and in the event of low or no stock at a given location, ordering the part from the closest workshop will be facilitated.
The system has already been implemented in Australia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Tanzania, and is in the process of being implemented in Ghana, Guinea, Mali and Zambia.
For additional information on this new system, please email Taha Versi at taha.versi@hyspec.net