Community support: Hyspec has been supporting Adullam Orphanage in Obuasi since 2004

Hyspec continues its commitment in assisting the communities in the areas where it operates, and has been supporting the Adullam orphanage in Obuasi, Ghana, since 2004.
The only orphanage in Obuasi was started 15 years ago by Louise and Andrew Timothy, when a woman came to Louise’s front door and asked her to care for her children because she was completely destitute. This was a very welcome initiative, as the Government welfare department in Obuasi has no facilities whatsoever to take care of orphaned children. Over the years, Adullam has become a safe haven for children and widows who have been abandoned, abused and neglected. The orphanage has had up to 222 children in its care and is currently providing medical care, housing and meals to 133 children.
Adullam’s goals are:
To offer orphaned, abandoned and destitute children a permanent home and shelter, regardless of need. To provide education up to Senior Secondary and Vocational training for orphans. Abdullam also has a class for deaf children. To prepare children to be self-reliant, thoughtful individuals and positive, active members of a community.  To teach honor and respect for oneself and others. To provide good nutrition, health and hygiene. This is a very challenging objective, as devastating poverty, barren and unsanitary living conditions are the norm in this part of Ghana. Malaria, Typhoid, and Cholera are rampant in Obuasi, and one child out of three dies of Malaria.
For self support, the orphanage has a farm outside Obuasi where they grow vegetables and keep chickens, as well as a corn mill. The management team’s long term strategy to develop its self support abilities is to build a two storey building on the front of the orphanage’s property which will include four shops (weaving, bakery, African carvings, Corn Mill). Adullam is also being supported by donors such as AngloGold Ashanti, which provides electricity, and Hyspec who has been making monthly donations since 2004.
The orphanage is run by a management team, composed of Louise Timothy, Peter Uka Reidu and Pastor James. Despite serious back problems, Louise still manages the orphanage, from her home, most of the time.
“Hyspec is our largest regular benefactor” says Louise Timothy. “The fact that every month, Hyspec donates a set amount enables us to plan our purchases of medicines, fruit and vegetables, and helps improve the care we give to the children of Abullam. We rely on Hyspec’s regular donations, which are vital to our continued survival. Having 20 regular benefactors such has Hyspec is the ultimate goal of Abullam and would help us ensure long term development and support for the children in our care. There are many ways to contribute, either through financial donations, of by giving us clothes and toys.”
If you want to support Adullam, please contact: or