Connecting in Tampere to KEEP IT RUNNING across the world

The Fluiconnection Days event was held at the end of May beginning of June this year. The Fluiconnecto management team from around the world was brought together for 3 days filled with activities, to connect, share and leverage the business.

The FLC Days is a business conference that takes place in a different Fluiconnecto country every two years. This year the event was organized in Tampere, Finland, hosted by Fluiconnecto Finland, formerly known as Hytar Oy.

Dardanio Manuli CEO of Manuli Rubber Industries was among the participants, together with 70 Fluiconnecto Group representatives, from the 29 countries in which Fluiconnecto has a presence.

The aim of the conference was to strengthen the relationship between Fluiconnecto companies around the globe. New concepts and strategies were presented to help the group understand and develop new interesting market segments, as well as to find additional opportunities in the current segments.

During the conference several important topics were covered in the different sessions. This included an in-depth analysis and review of our latest target market. Similarly, other valuable materials were presented, including strategic products. Additionally, a workshop took place, to discuss and identify best practices and strategies, to keep improving our offer of services and products to customers from different Market Segments.

In addition to these productive indoor sessions, key activities also took place outside the conference room. The entire group made a visit to a timber cutting demonstration, deep into the woods, witnessing the latest forestry machine from Ponsse named Scorpion. Operating our most recent product for forestry. 

The group also had the chance to visit Fluiconnecto Finland’s Water Hydraulics workshop and Tampere Hydroshop.

The event was hugely successful, besides enjoying the nice weather and admiring the beauty of Tampere, the participants gained fundamental knowledge that will help them boost their local operations. After networking and connecting with colleagues from other parts of the world with similar interests, Fluiconnecto Group has become stronger and is ready to KEEP IT RUNNING.