Focus on Graco Matrix Dispenser

The Graco Matrix Total Fluid Management System is a state of the art fluid dispensing system with automated tracking and monitoring for complete control of fluid inventory. The system is designed to help users save time, gain billable hours and maximize their fixed operation’s profitability. It incorporates multi-level security to protect assets, and allows precise measurement and control of fluids to reduce human error, eliminate out of stock issues and over-fill tank issues. It can be customized to fit any business size facility, through three products platforms (Basic, Professional and Premier).
System components include management software, Transceiver, Matrix Meter, Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM). Together, these components wirelessly talk to each other through an RF signal to collect data from fluid dispenses, levels in bulk oil and waste tanks, making it simple to track the entire facility’s activities.
Hyspec installed and commissioned the first Matrix dispensing system on a mine site for Mantrac at the Ahafo Mine in Ghana, in November 2011. The system is fully automated and allows the wireless management and bulk monitoring of oil, coolant and grease dispensing.
The Matrix transceiver sends and receives information from the meters, tank level monitors and pump air control to the work station. The Pump Air Control ensures that air is supplied to the pump only when Matrix authorizes the dispense. The Matrix Meter dispenses fluid and communicates dispense information wirelessly to the monitoring station. Ultrasonic signal in the Tank Level Monitor accurately measures fluid levels. Fluid dispenses are automatically posted to the work order and fluid levels communicated to used oil recyclers or bulk fluid suppliers. ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds interfaces provide secure, reliable, data transfer between the Matrix database and the management software.
“Hyspec supplied, installed and commissioned a complete lube bay solution at Ahafo for Mantrac”, says Charlie Harrison, Hyspec Mining Services Ghana Operations Manager, “including 10 pumps and reels, steel pipes, hoses, fittings, adaptors and the Matrix fluid management system. This was the first time ever that a fully automated Matrix solution was installed on a mine site, and Graco flew two of their representatives to Ahafo, to assist with the commissioning of the project. The solution has proved to be very satisfactory to the customer. We are currently working on several similar projects for other mine sites in Ghana and just received an order for one of them, and expect to receive some additional orders soon.”
“We were looking for an automated fluid management system, in order to improve fluid dispense and stock management at our Ahafo workshops”, adds Petrus de Lange, Mantrac Newmont Project Manager. “We are very satisfied with the Graco lube bay and Matrix management system that Hyspec installed for us, because it has helped us reduce human errors and manage our fluid stock more efficiently, resulting in substantial costs savings.”
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