Grease transfers : do you want to cut down on costs, improve efficiency, and reduce contamination? Hyspec has the solution!

On many mine sites, bulk grease storage tanks, drums and even lube truck drums are filled or dispensed manually with a shovel or with other manual equipments. Because it is often too difficult  to empty the drums completely with a shovel or hands, 10 to 20 kg of grease remain in the drum after such operations and is therefore wasted, according to calculations done by Hyspec. Furthermore, this way of operating introduces high contamination because the drums remain open for hours. In some cases, contamination is so severe, that you can actually see the stones in the drums and on the shovel. The consequences of this are that the grease pumps and injectors on the equipments just do not last. On some of the mines, over 80 grease injectors are repaired in a month, due to contamination.
To overcome these issues, Hyspec has developed a solution which makes use of Graco Bulldog 3:1 RAM units. This solution allows operators to empty the drums completely in a few minutes, with zero contamination. For example, a 180 Kg grease drum is emptied in less than 15 minutes, and no grease is left at the bottom or on the sides of the drum. Hyspec’s solution can be implemented with two different options, depending on each customer’s requirement and set-up.
The first option is recommended to empty drums only. It makes use of a Graco sinker Bulldog 3:1 pump with conductor. The second option consists in using a complete RAM Bulldog 3:1 pump unit, for the grease supplier to empty drums into bulk grease bins. This option does the same job as the previous one, but allows more control, is cleaner and reduces contamination even further.
“We implemented two of Hyspec’s Bulldog 3:1 RAM units at Buswagi”, says Pieter Nel , the mine’s Maintenance Superintendent, “and we were thrilled with the results. This solution is a real cost saver. Since we implemented these units, we have substantially reduced our costs due to contaminated grease, to the time required to empty the drums by hand, and to grease waste.”
For additional information on how Hyspec can help you implement one of these solutions, please contact your Hyspec representative, or Fanie Gouws at