Hyspec implements fabrication and quality control procedures

In all of its workshops, Hyspec has implemented strict fabrication and quality control procedures, to ensure that all hoses which are delivered meet the industry’s highest quality standards. These procedures include:
Use of hose bore cleaning equipment (projectile gun type) to remove resident contamination and contamination generated by cutting, skiving and swaging operations.
Plugging and capping of all hose assembly terminations to prevent the ingress of contamination following manufacture. To avoid damage, hoses are stored off in racks, in dark and dry conditions, away from electrical equipment.
Unique tagging of hoses to monitor hose assemblies: this ensures the traceability of hose, connectors and assemblies in the event of a quality claim, and allows Hyspec to monitor the service life of each hose component, whilst also enabling clients to quickly order new assemblies by the part number shown on the tag of the hose.
Standardization of hydraulic hoses with superior cover durability. Here, Hyspec has introduced the Manuli Rockmaster range of hoses which have an outer cover that has up to twenty times more abrasive resistivity then standard hoses supplied by competitors.
Improving the quality and resistance of hoses delivered by: replacing of all 1-wire braided hoses by 2-wIre braided hose (unless otherwise specified) and replacing any standard hoses used for high temperature operations by high performance, high temperature hoses. Furthermore, Hyspec only delivers 2-wire hoses that exceed SAE 100R2AT DIN EN 853/2SN Standards, 4-spiral hoses that meet or exceed SAE 100R12 EN 856 Standards, and 6-spiral hoses that meet or exceed SAE 100R13 EN 856 Standards, and soon to be SAE 100R15 as standard.