Hyspec Introduces New Manuli ISOBARIC Range of Hoses

Hyspec is pleased to announce the introduction of Manuli Hydraulics’ latest range of Isobaric hoses as an alternative to its four and six wire R12, 4SP, R13 and R15 hose products.
The benefits of the new Isobaric hoses include:
Reduced weight; Increased flexibility; High abrasion, ozone and aging resistant cover; Same pressure rating across the size range of the hose; Higher pressures with lower bend radius; Competitive with the CAT XT ES range.
The new hoses will utilise the same fittings and ferules that are already being used with existing R12, R13, R15 and 4SP hoses. It will therefore not be necessary to change the existing inventory of fittings and ferules in Hyspec and customer managed workshops.
Hyspec will be standardising as follows:
R12 hoses (dash-6 to dash-12) and 4SP hoses (dash-6 to dash-16) will be replaced by the Manuli Goldeniso Xtraflex 35 hoses; Dash-20 R12 hoses will be replaced by Goldeniso Xtraflex 28; R15 hoses (dash-12 to dash-20) will be replaced by Goldeniso Xtraflex 42 hoses; Larger hose sizes (dash- 24 and dash-32) are currently under development and will be introduced as they become available.
Pricing for these new hoses will be identical to that of Hyspec’s current four wire hoses.
“We are extremely excited to launch this new hose range” says Alan Wood, Hyspec Mining Services Managing Director. “The Goldeniso range of products allows us to provide longer lasting, higher pressure hoses, with improved bend radius, at no additional cost to our customers. This is essentially a free upgrade for our clients to hoses with improved performances. The higher working pressures, increased flexibility and improved resistance to ozone and abrasion will contribute further in assisting our customers in their daily struggle to reduce downtime on mining equipment.”
For additional information on the new range of Goldeniso Xtraflex hoses, please contact your country operations manager or email sales@hyspec.com