Hyspec launches new modular workshop

Hyspec’s new modular workshop was presented at the Western Australia Mining Exhibition held in Perth from November 10 to 12th.
The new Hyspec workshop concept consists in two 20 or 40 feet containers, set on both sides of a concrete base (minimum 40 square meters), and enclosed in a weather and heat proof fabric dome. The dome fabric is made of vinyl-coated polyester, double sided with a special urethane outer coat. This fabric is resistant to cold, heat, stretching, fading, ripping, mold, mildew, fungus and chemicals.
The containers are used as storage facilities for the hoses and fittings; the concrete base between the containers serves as the work area; both areas having a durable non slip flooring. Both containers are fitted with doors for direct access to the work area. So under normal conditions, the ends of the containers would remain closed, and the main access is through the workshop front double doors.
This new concept was entirely designed by Hyspec, and has been engineered to operate under all temperature and weather conditions (cyclone proof, cold and heat proof). The workshops are supplied with all the equipment and stock required for the fabrication of hoses, and can be provided globally. They can be self-managed by customers, or alternatively serviced by a qualified team of technicians and supervisors contracted out by Hyspec.
The workshops are fully fitted with shelves, stock bins, hose assembly labels, work benches, tools for the fabrication of hoses (crimping tool, hose cutting tool, skiving tool, air compressor, hose cleaning pellets, caps and plugs, etc), washable floor mats, stocks of hoses, fittings and adaptors. They are backed with stock from Hyspec’s warehouse in Perth, Western Australia. Emergency stock can also be supplied from any one of Hyspec’s East or West African warehouses.
These workshops are currently being deployed on each new mining project that Hyspec is involved in. The first workshop of this kind is being assembled at the Tonkolili mine site with African Minerals in Sierra Leone.
For additional information, email sales@hyspec.net