Hyspec Mali : Bamako warehouse moves to Loulo

Hyspec Mali is currently relocating its central warehouse from Bamako to Loulo. “The reason for this move is to be closer to our customers’ operations, to be able to serve them faster and to increase their satisfaction” explains Michel Poisson, Hyspec Mali General Manager.
This new organization will allow Hyspec to:
update and monitor its stock levels in Loulo on a real-time basis, therefore improving stock accuracy and restocking of satellite workshops, invoice customers directly on site, therefore reducing invoicing delays, provide customers in Loulo with a weekly hydraulics expenses forecast, to help them better monitor their budgets, and provide customers with reports detailing hoses and fittings usage per equipment and reasons as to why the hoses were changed, so that they can take corrective measures if required and plan maintenance schedules accordingly.
The new warehouse in Loulo is expected to be operational by the end of April 2011. Accomodations for the Hyspec expatriate staff are also being built on site.