Hyspec Mining Services opens a new hose workshop at Inata Mine in Burkina Faso

In August 2012, Hyspec Mining Services opened a new dome workshop at the Inata Mine, operated by Société des Mines de Belhahouro (Avocet Mining), in Burkina Faso.This workshop is the fourth Hyspec workshop in Burkina Faso.
The workshop facility, which was entirely provided by Hyspec, is consigned to the Inata Gold Mine. It includes all hose racks, shelves, bin boxes, work benches, Manuli cutting, skiving and crimping machines, as well as hose cleaning and labelling equipments, to make hoses which meet OEM and first world standards. In addition to the hose workshop facility, Hyspec provides the mine with a consigned stock of hoses, fittings and adaptors, an experienced workshop supervisor, and a team of hose technicians to operate the workshop. The Hyspec hose technicians also carry out daily inspections of the mine’s equipments in the maintenance bay in order to identify hoses that can potentially fail. They then report them to the mine’s mobile maintenance superintendant, so that they can be replaced to avoid production loss due to hydraulic hose failures whilst the machines are in the pit.
The recently introduced Accpac based stock management system allows Hyspec to monitor its stock levels in the workshop on a daily basis, and to resupply the workshop from its regional Ouagadougou warehouse or central warehouse in Australia in a timely manner.
“We were planning to install this dome workshop at Inata in May 2012”, explains Jean-Paul Marti, Project Manager for Burkina Faso. “However, due to congestion delays in Takoradi, the containers only arrived in Burkina Faso in July. We therefore set up a temporary workshop inside the customer’s maintenance bay at Inata in May, until the dome workshop could be delivered and set-up. The new workshop is now fully operational since August 6th, and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our objective is to meet 95% of the mine’s hose requirements. In addition, our hose technicians on site carry out daily inspections of the hydraulic hoses on the mining equipments present in the maintenance bay, in order to help SMB anticipate on hose failures and keep equipment downtime due to hydraulic failures to a minimum.”
“Before Hyspec set up their workshop at Inata, we were having repeated issues with downtime due to hydraulic hoses”, adds Ian Thomas, SMB Mine Maintenance Manager. “With Hypec’s pro-active approach, machines are inspected during preventative maintenance and all worn and damaged hoses are replaced. This has dramatically improved un-scheduled downtime and improved production”
For additional information on Hyspec operations in Burkina Faso, please contact Margot Dufour at margot.dufour@hyspec.com