Hyspec starts operations in Côte d’Ivoire!

In May 2012, Hyspec Mining Services installed and started operating a Managed Workshop for DTP Terrassement, at the Randgold Tongon mine located in the North of Cote d’Ivoire. The fully fitted workshop, which includes racks, shelves, work benches as well as hose making and cleaning equipment is consigned to the mine, and remains the property of Hyspec Mining Services throughout the duration of the contract. In addition to the workshop, Hyspec supplied the mine with a starting stock of hoses, fittings and adaptors, which will be renewed as required. An experienced Hyspec hose technician has also been provided to manage and operate the workshop, carry out daily inspections of hydraulic hoses on mining equipments, and assist DTP Terrassement in reordering stock from Hyspec’s Australia central warehouse.
“This is the fourth workshop operated by Hyspec for DTP Terrassement on a Randgold mine”, says Alan Wood, Managing Director of Hyspec Mining Services. “We already operate workshops at the Gounkoto, Loulo and Morilla mines in Mali. This time however, the set up is slightly different, as the stock is not consigned to the mine, but is bought upfront by the customer. However, Hyspec consigns the workshop facility, provides a hose technician, and offers the same value added services that are provided in standard set ups. These services include daily inspections of hydraulic hoses on customer equipments, as well as the provision of monthly reports with key performance indicators, to assist the customer in reducing equipment downtime due to hydraulic hose failures, and help him improve production. We are planning to take over full ownership of the stock and to migrate to a standard consignment solution at Tongon, as soon as we are registered in Côte d’Ivoire. The Managed Workshop solution, which we implement in countries where we are not yet registered, has proven to be very successful over the years in Niger, Senegal and Mauritania. Demand for this type of solution is growing all over the African continent. Inventory management is done through Hyspec Group’s ERP system, accessible from every workshop, to provide daily reporting on usage; enabling swift re-supply of all parts used to eliminate as far as possible expensive downtime for the mine and its contractors.”
“Hyspec Mining Services has been a partner to DTP Terrassement in Mali for many years”, adds Thierry Vaillant, Plant Manager for the DTP Terrassement Mining Division, “when it became necessary to install a hose making facility at Tongon, Hyspec Mining Services was the obvious choice. We have already taken steps for Hyspec to roll out a second Managed Workshop solution for us, at the Kibali Mine in the Northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo.”
For additional information on Hyspec operations in Côte d’Ivoire and Managed Workshop solutions, please contact Catherine Mauvais at catherine.m@hyspec.net