Meet the Hyspec team: Australia Operations and Inventory Management Teams

This quarter, we would like to introduce Jeremy Dawe, Rob Doyle and Sandra Nelson. All three are based in Perth, Australia, and are key people in ensuring that our workshops in Australia and Africa have sufficient stock at all times to meet the demands of our customers.
Rob and Sandra make up the Australia Operations Team. Their team’s role is to support Hyspec Mining Services’ operations throughout Africa, ensuring a high level of supply and service, and to create, maintain and promote sales within the Australian market through stock holdings and services.
Rob is Hyspec Australia‘s Operations Manager, and as such is responsible for the management of the Hyspec Perth Warehouse, local sales, and logistics. Rob is Australian, and has 25 years of supply chain experience, predominantly in the aircraft and oil and gas industries.
Sandra Nelson, originally from New Zealand, has been living in Australia for 15 years. Prior to joining Hyspec a couple of months ago, Sandra held the position of warehouse parts supervisor for one of the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer. Sandra’s primary responsibility within the Hyspec team is to support Hyspec’s African operations. Other responsibilities include supporting local sales, export sales, ad-hoc purchasing and operations coordination.
Jeremy Dawe, an Australian national, is the Hyspec Mining Services Group Inventory Manager. As such he is responsible for stock and order planning at group level, forward planning, inventory management, and maintaining suppliers for the group. Jeremy has over 10 years of work experience in operations and supply chain roles, the majority of which working within the mining industry in Australia and Africa.
“What I enjoy the most about my job”, says Rob Doyle,“is the variety of my role, the challenges that I am faced with, and the people I work with.”
“The variety of my tasks, the team I work with in Perth, and the constant learning opportunities”, are what I like the most about my job”, adds Sandra Nelson.
“There is no shortage of challenges within Hyspec, which keeps my role very dynamic, and enables me to advance my personal knowledge and experience in the supply chain field as well as other people’s”, concludes Jeremy Dawe.