Meet the Hyspec team: Michael Gyasi Amissah

Hyspec Mining Services has grown from a small one-workshop-business employing less then ten people in Ghana fifteen years ago, to an international business employing over 200 people in thirteen countries and operating over 55 workshops. This success is due to an innovative business model, to the constant development of new state of the art solutions and services, to a visionary management team with fantastic leadership skills, but not only. Hyspec Mining Services’ success is also due to the individuals that it employs and who work hard every day, whether on site or in back-office positions, to ensure that the customers’ requirements are met in a timely manner and to their satisfaction. We have therefore decided to introduce one of these individuals in each e-mailer, so that our customers know the people who work hard to please them a little better. In this issue, let us introduce Michael Gyasi Amissah.
Michael, a Ghanaian national, joined Hyspec Ghana in May 2011 as hose technician, in Tarkwa, then Bogoso. After a brief interruption at Mantrac in 2005, he came back to work for Hyspec Mali as workshop supervisor in 2006, until he was transferred to Zambia in February 2010. In January 2012, he was promoted to the position of Project Manager, in charge of managing the Hyspec workshops and customer relations in Zambia.
“My role consists in ensuring that the workshops operated by Hyspec in Zambia are run smoothly to our customers’ satisfaction, that there is sufficient stock to cater for their requirements, and to anticipate on customer needs by talking to them on a regular basis and making recommendations whenever possible. What I like most about my job at Hyspec, is to see clients happy for the services rendered to them”, says Michael.
“Michael is very dedicated to our customers, and does his best to anticipate their needs and to meet them”, says Tommy Bowman, General Manager at Hyspec Zambia.”He’s very hard working, knows and understands Hyspec’s procedures and commitment to provide top quality services, and earned a well deserved promotion. Having worked for many years as a hose technician and having climbed every step of the hierarchy ladder, he understands the technical difficulties of making hoses, and the challenges of managing a workshop on a day to day basis. Hyspec is looking at promoting individuals such as Michael who know the business inside and out, and who show strong dedication to the company and to our customers. We hope to promote many more Michaels in the future.”