Meet the Hyspec Team : Woedem Gasor,15 years with Hyspec!

Woedem Gasor celebrated his 15 years with Hyspec in March 2013.
Woedem, a Ghanaian national, joined Hyspec Mining Services’ Tarkwa branch in 1998 at its very early stages, as a hose technician, and is one of the longest serving employees in the company.
Shortly after joining Hyspec, Woedems was promoted to store-man, and currently holds the position of Senior Stores Supervisor at Hyspec’s Tarkwa branch. Prior to joining Hyspec, Woedems, who graduated from the Sweden Technical School in 1978, held diverse positions as machine operator, mechanic, and hose technician within mining companies and contractors.
Woedem’s current role consists of managing the Hyspec Tarkwa workshop store, assembling hoses, and training new employees.
‘What I enjoy the most in my current position, is the training of new employees and my responsibilities as store manager’, says Woedems. ‘In my free time, I enjoy reading, and….checking my stock!’
‘Woedems has been with Hyspec for almost as long as the company has been in business’ adds Alan Wood, Managing Director of Hyspec Mining Services. ‘Over the years he has accumulated a wealth of experience in all areas of hose making and stock management, which is extremely valuable for Hyspec. He is also very committed to the company and to our customers, and many of our young employees look up to him. Throughout his fifteen years with Hyspec, Woedems has been instrumental in our company’s success in Ghana and we are very happy to have had him on our team for so many years, and trust he will be with us for a few more too.’