MRI launches Q-Safe, the new quick coupling product range

A solution for all applications, meeting and exceeding all international standards. Over 1000 items for a wide range of termination ends, Cr6+ free zinc plating.

Manuli Rubber Industries (MRI), a multinational group operating in the design, manufacture and sale of machines and fluid conveying rubber/metal components for high pressure hydraulics and oil & marine applications, has launched Q-Safe, a quick coupling product family, which is fully integrated with the already extensive Manuli hoses, fittings and adaptors products ranges.

A quick coupling is a component which allows a fast and leak free connection and disconnection between a machine and its implements, even when the hydraulic system is under pressure.

The connection is made between "male" and "female" parts, manufactured according to international standard specifications. Inside both of these parts, springs and valves assure either the sealing or the fluid of the hydraulic system when fully connected.

Q-Safe products range includes 12 series with related accessories and spare parts kits, for a total of more then 1000 items, fully in compliance with the international specifications requirements.

In addition, the series features an environmentally friendly surface plating, which is trivalent chrome free, exceeding ISO 4520 requirements (salt spray resistance: 240 hours for white corrosion and 400 for red corrosion).

The Q-Safe family 12 series are detailed as follows:

  • MQS-A, ISO A : poppet and ball valves
  • MQS-AP, ISO A: under pressure
  • MQS-N, standard: poppet and ball valves
  • MQS-AF: push-pull
  • MQS-AFP, push-pull: under pressure
  • MQS-VB: braking circuit valves
  • MQS-VS: agricultural valves
  • MQS-F: flat-face
  • MQS-SG: screw-type for German market
  • MQS-SC: screw-type hydraulic cylinders
  • MQS-ST: screw-type for trucks
  • MQS-CV: check valves.

The 12 series are suitable for the application field of, agriculture, forestry, construction and earth moving, transportation and public utility vehicles.

The new Q-Safe quick coupling product range has been developed by the Aldo Occari Technology and Product Development Centre (AOTC), which plays a fundamental role in delivering added value to MRI's customers, in terms of superior quality, range of products, cost savings, technical assistance, problem solving and marketing services.

Dardanio Manuli, CEO of MRI, strongly believing in the R&D activity's potential to deliver future growth, has stated: "In order to satisfy market requirements and our customers needs, innovation is fundamental and our objective for the future is to enlarge our R&D capabilities, both on a quantitative and qualitative level".

Manuli Rubber Industries (MRI) is a multinational Group with a global organization based in Milan. Manuli Hydraulics Business Group is focused on achieving excellence in the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of hoses, connectors and machines for conveying power in high/very high pressure hydraulic circuits and fluids in refrigeration units.

MRI network counts on 36 subsidiaries, 2.600 resources world wide, two hose manufacturing facilities in Italy and in China, two connectors manufacturing facilities in Poland and assembling plants in Brazil, Czech Republic, France, India, South Korea and the United Kingdom.