Opening of a New Hyspec Workshop in Burkina Faso

Hyspec Mining Services opened a new workshop in Burkina Faso in 2014, for the SOGEA SATOM Ouagadougou/Bobo Dioulasso road construction project. The workshop is located in Boromo, 150 kms west of Ouagadougou.
This workshop, which is fully equipped with Manuli hose assembly equipment and a consigned stock of hydraulic hoses, is managed and operated by an experienced Hyspec workshop supervisor. The objective of this workshop is to allow SOGEA SATOM to concentrate on their core road construction business, without having to worry about the ordering or assembly of hydraulic hoses.
“We chose Hyspec for the provision and assembly of hydraulic hoses on our Boromo construction site, because of their reputation for outstanding quality of service”, explains Jean-Marc Peraldi, SOGEA SATOM Plant Equipment Manager. “Hyspec set up and started operating the workshop within the agreed time frame, which was very tight. We appreciate the quality of the hoses provided by Hyspec, which are assembled according to strict contamination prevention procedures. Having Hyspec directly on the construction site also allows us to gain precious time, to minimise downtime, and to improve our productivity. We also greatly appreciate the Hyspec hose assembly technician’s professionalism and reactiveness. The Hyspec team’s availability and their ongoing commitment to anticipate our needs have made Hyspec a partner of choice. We are currently assessing the possibility of partnering with Hyspec in other countries where we operate.”
“With the addition of a workshop in an area of Burkina Faso previously not serviced, we can now provide services to other customers operating around Boromo and Bobo Dioulasso”, adds Margot Dufour, Hyspec Burkina Faso Operations Manager. “For example, we can now provide hoses to exploration companies active in the area. And we have a foothold which will allow us to expand and deploy additional workshops in the area as new mines start developing.”
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