Rehosing of Oil & Gas Drillship Cementing Rig by Hyspec Mining Services Ghana

In January 2014, Hyspec Mining Services Ghana undertook the rehosing of an Oil & Gas cementing rig on one of the largest drill ships of its kind in the world. The scope of the job was for Hyspec to:
Conduct a survey in order to verify the listing of hose assemblies on board the ship provided by the customer; Identify hoses needing replacement; Assemble and install new hydraulic hoses including associated adaptors.
In this view, hose assembly machinery and equipment, as well as stock of hoses and fittings were put on board of the ship by Hyspec, and the survey was carried out by a senior Hyspec technician whilst the ship was drilling off Mauritania. The survey revealed that the stipulated hose life for Oil & Gas had been reached and that  all 413 hoses on board needed replacement. A first batch of 40 hoses was replaced during the allotted time frame in Mauritania.
An additional 273 hoses were assembled and replaced in May, when the ship was non-operational and sailing back from Mauritania to Ghana. Two Hyspec technicians boarded the ship to carry out the work in 8 days.
“This job was an exciting opportunity for Hyspec”, explains Charlie Harrison, Hyspec Ghana Operations Manager. “However, it was very challenging, both logistically and operationally. Our technicians had to take TBOSIET survival courses at the Tema Maritime University and specific medical examinations for offshore duty. Logistically, we had a very short time frame to conduct the first phase of the project (survey and identification of hoses needing replacement) and had to arrange five airfreights to ship the required stock of hoses and fittings to Mauritania in order to meet the customer’s requirements and the ship’s operational deadlines. The second phase of the project was challenging too: there was a power issue on the ship which delayed the start of phase two and only left 6 days to assemble the hoses. A remaining 100 hoses are still to be assembled after one of the Hyspec technicians is able to go back on the ship in mid June. Despite all the challenges and difficulties, our technicians, Rey Bautista and Frank Selorm, put in extra effort and managed to complete the assembly of most of the hoses on time. They really did a great job. Meeting the deadlines despite the reduced time frames and unexpected hurdles would have been virtually impossible without their expertise. Hyspec has now been involved in the rehose of two cementing units in Ghana and I believe has demonstrated its ability to provide high quality services to the Oil & Gas industry in Africa. We are confident that we will get more of these jobs in the near future.”
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