The first Hyspec modular workshop ever, is now operational at the Somita SA Taparko Mine in Burkina Faso

Hyspec is proud to announce that its first modular workshop was deployed at the Somita SA Taparko mine site in Burkina Faso, and is operational since February 25th. This workshop consists in two 20 feet containers, set on both sides of a concrete base, enclosed in a weather and heat proof fabric dome. The workshop was supplied with all the equipment and stock required for the fabrication of hoses including shelves, stock bins, hose assembly labels, work benches, tools for the fabrication of hoses (crimping tool, hose cutting tool, skiving tool, air compressor, hose cleaning pellets, caps and plugs, etc), washable floor mats, stocks of hoses, fittings and adaptors.
The workshop is operated 24 hours / 7 days a week by an expatriate Hyspec supervisor, assisted by two technicians, and is backed up with stock from the Hyspec Ouagadougou and Perth warehouses.
Since the workshop opened its doors, Hyspec have conducted over 30 mining equipment inspections on site, have made over 230 hoses, and assisted the client in re-hosing a Tamrock drill rig. Hyspec also assisted Somita SA in evaluating its pre-existing stock of hoses and fittings, and is managing this stock on behalf of the client. Somita’s remaining stock is, when possible, used first, in order to ensure there is no stock investment loss for them.
“The implementation of Hyspec’s workshop at Taparko has made life easier for us”, says Alain Nadeau, Somita SA Operations and Maintenance Director. “We do not need to worry about ordering and keeping the right level of stock of hoses and fittings on site anymore, and we will be making substantial savings as Hyspec now carries the cost of the stock investment for us. Our maintenance team can now focus one hundred percent on the mechanical aspects of maintaining our equipments, and let Hyspec take care of the Hydraulics”.