Tommy Bowman Celebrates 10 Years of Service with Hyspec

In June 2015, Tommy Bowman, Hyspec Mining Services Africa Regional Director, will celebrate his ten years of service with Hyspec. Tommy joined Hyspec in 2005, as co-shareholder and Managing Director of Hyspec Zambia. In 2013, he took over the role of Regional Director for Africa, in charge of all Hyspec operations on the continent.
“In the ten years I’ve been with Hyspec, our business has evolved tremendously”, explains Tommy. “When I joined the company, we were running less then fifteen workshops in four African countries. We now operate over 65 mine site based workshops in ten countries and a large logistical base in Australia from where we manage stock for the entire group. We also changed our name to Hyspec Mining Services, then to Hyspec Mining Services Fluiconnecto by Manuli when the Manuli group bought 51 percent of our company shares in 2013. But one thing has never changed though: it is the team spirit which animates the Hyspec group and keeps us all motivated on a daily basis. New employees who join Hyspec do not only join a profitable company, they also become part of a family.  Even though there have been evolutions over the past ten years, the business environment in Africa remains difficult, unpredictable and challenging. The entrepreneurial and family spirit that we have developed at Hyspec over the years are, in my opinion, the key success factors which have made Hyspec what it is today. If I had to express one wish for the future, it would be that this family and team spirit remain alive, no matter which difficulties or successes the group goes through. I firmly believe that these will remain the key components to keep an imaginative, reactive and resourceful team going, to our clients’ benefit.”