Quick coupling Multiconnectors are often used on agricultural and construction equipment where myriad attachments and tools are used and need to be able to be connected quickly, safely and without the risk of error. They are very easy to connect, using specially designed handle that reduces the force needed to connect the system.

Q. Safe Multiconnector Benefits:

  • Reduces connection time when multiple connectors are used
  • No risk of incorrect connection
  • No misalignment between mobile and static blocks
  • Compact design for minimal added weight
  • Flat face couplings allow high pressures (350 bar) and high flow rates
  • Easy to clean
  • Universally interchangeable according to ISO 16028
  • Industry leading performance with reduced pressure drop
  • Almost zero (between 0.007cc and 0.009cc) oil spillage on connection / disconnection
  • Connection under residual pressure
  • Allows hoses to be arranged closer together whilst still allowing easy access