Successful customer events and inauguration of new SOS Vans in Middle East

In March this year, two successfully organized customer events took place in Abu Dhabi and Oman, followed by the inauguration of two new SOS vans and several customer visits throughout the region.  

Fluiconnecto Managing Director Mr. Matteo Marchisio visited Fluiconnecto operations in Middle East and participated in a series of activities together with Mr. Mohammad Irfan, FLC Middle East General Manager. The purpose of the visit was to get closer to customers, by sharing with them at our organized events in Abu Dhabi and Oman and though other separated customer visits.

Furthermore, two new SOS Vans were inaugurated, which will result in a better service to customers in the region, while keeping the high quality service Fluiconnecto is known for.

The first customer event took place at Fluiconnecto’s Hydroshop in Abu Dhabi, strategically located in the centre of Musafffah Industrial Area, organized by Fluiconnecto's Abu Dhabi team. And the second customer event took place at Muscat Hydroshop, in Oman, organized by Fluiconnecto's Oman team.

Top management of leading current and potential customers participated in both events, with a very successful attendance from important companies from different industries, such as: Marine Environment, Energy, Transportation, Material Handling, Construction, Oil&Gas, among others.

During the events, Mr. Marchisio together with Mr. Irfan interacted with customers and presented Flucionnecto’s offer and solutions. The presentation included the new and innovative Hose Management Program: flui-ID, created to optimize the efficiency of Fluiconnecto customer’s Hydraulic & Industrial hose assemblies. flui-IDhas been strategically designed with a preventive approach, to improve uptime, reduce extra costs and lower risks.
The response was very positive and the participants showed great interest in knowing more about this innovative program by interacting and asking questions.

As part of the event in Abu Dhabi, a brand new SOS VAN was officially inaugurated, growing to 7 the number of SOS Vans now operating in UAE. With this new addition, Fluiconnecto UAE expects to keep on satisfying customer’s growing demand for mobile Hydraulic services in the region.

Several customer visits took place during this period as well. In all cases our Managing Director, together with Fluiconnecto Middle East General Manager, were warmly welcomed by managers from companies with high interest in Fluiconnecto services and offer.

The objective of the visit was met through all the planned activities that took place: meetings in person with important customers, strengthening of the business relationships, positive feedback and relevant information exchange. The results: valuable networking and priceless feedback, empowering Fluiconnecto to support more and more customers in the Middle East and help them to KEEP IT RUNNING!