Fluiconnecto Netherlands successfully overhauled Seafox’ jack-up rig with new hydraulic hose assemblies

Certified hose inspectors performed service offshore and onshore to self-elevating jack-up unit.

During the first stage of the overhaul, certified Fluiconnecto SOS technicians visited by helicopter the Seafox 2 (one of Seafox's self-elevating jack-up units), located offshore at the North Sea.

The service performed consisted in carefully executing the offshore on-site inspection, Fluiconnecto Netherlands certified hose inspectors proceeded to collect key information and perform a hose assemblies’ assessment. During this process relevant data was collected and the assets’ performing status was evaluated. At the same time, all hose assemblies were identified and tagged.

With the collected information new hose assemblies were able to be produced up front, including the testing and certification processes.

This work took place at three Fluiconnecto locations in the Netherlands.

A few months after the first visit, the service continued at an offshore yard situated in the Port of Rotterdam. This time the service consisted in replacing all hose assemblies from the two cranes, the four jacks and the hydraulic room. This intensive work took place during four and a half weeks and was successfully achieved by four certified hose inspectors.

Once FLC Netherlands’ concluded the service, Seafox’ hydraulic hose assemblies were successfully renovated and the jack-up rig was ready to keep on running.