By offering products from trusted and leading suppliers we want to ensure your operations keep running. Before a supplier or manufacturer is providing us their products we audit the company for important areas.

Among others we verify:

  • technically i.a. for product quality, corrosion resistance etc.
  • delivery times
  • certifications and standards
  • technical support
  • product range
  • ethical manufacturing process

Only once certified as approved supplier the company is allowed to provide us and you their quality products.

Manuli Hydraulics

Our sister organization Manuli Hydraulics is one of these trusted suppliers. Manuli Hydraulics provides a whole range of fluid connectors like

  • hydraulic hoses and fittings
  • adapters
  • quick couplings
  • water cleaning & blasting hoses and fittings
  • drilling hoses and connectors
  • mining hoses, fittings, adaptors and valves
  • assembling machines
  • hose protections

Products and services complying
to global standards

The products we provide are certified according to global standards to guarantee you the best available quality.

Manuli integrated system

A high pressure connection like a hose assembly needs to be safe. To be safe and to guarantee a longer service life for this connection Fluiconnecto uses the original Manuli parts following Manuli’s Integrated System. This system makes sure the hose fittings are qualified with the hose and assembled with the hose assembly equipment from the same manufacturer compliant to the international standard ISO/TS 17165-2. Quality we need, quality the system guarantees.


Industry associations
and standardization committees

Industry associations

To ensure you with quality products and services we participate in industry associations.

Standardization committees

We are involved in standardization committees to ensure products we are going to sell are produced the right way to fit our customer's needs. One of these committees we participate in is the Standardization committee on rubber products (UNC-CEN/TC 218).                        


In a still growing number of countries Fluiconnecto has received the ISO 9001 certification for Hydroshops and other areas. Having these certificates shows we care for quality services and even to improve them.

Being ISO 9001 certified means we continually want to improve our processes just to serve you better.


Our employees know your business from experience and both external and internal trainings. Our educational programs from Fluiconnecto University keep the people who serve you up-to-date based on first-hand knowledge and skills that come from the evolving markets you operate in.

Certified technicians

Fluiconnecto technicians are Certified Hose Inspectors certified directly by Manuli Hydraulics, the manufacturer.

Some of the certifications our technicians have:

  • SSIC - Shipyard Safety Instruction Course
  • SOC - Safety Operation Course
  • VCA
  • Off Shore Medical Certificate