Hyspec Fun at Sun City

The entire Hyspec management team gathered in Sun City, South Africa, from December 13th to December 17th, 2010. During this three day meeting, participants reflected on recent evolutions in the African mining industry, and discussed possible organizational changes, as well as products and services enhancements to address the evolving needs of Hyspec’s customers.
In addition to product trainings, participants exchanged numerous ideas on how to improve day to day operations, response times to customers, new service developments, and much more. Best practises were identified and will be extended to all the group in the coming months. In addition to this, all Hyspec participants followed a one day leadership and communication training, and participated in team building activities. All of this was a lot of fun, and helped reinforce an already existing team spirit within the Hyspec group.
“Hyspec employs over 200 people, from 15 nationalities in 11 countries”, says Alan Wood, Managing Director of Hyspec. “The Hyspec Group has been expanding quickly over the last couple of years, reflecting the growing need for mine site based companies for the support services that we specialize in. It has proven very important to be able to build a team environment and spirit that bridges the cultural, professional and physical divides across East and West Africa to Australia. I believe the three day Indaba in Sun City helped achieve this goal, and the business will continue to focus on improving communications in the future to develop better systems and solutions for our customers at the mine sites. We will continue to expand our training and development programmes, and to keep the Hyspec team spirit flourishing.”