Hyspec Introduces Single Wire Manuli Hydraulics Rockmaster Hose

Hyspec Mining Services will replace all of its standard single wire Tractor R1T hoses with Manuli Hydraulics Rockmaster 1SN.
The introduction of this new hose allows Hyspec to extend industry recognised Rockmaster benefits to single wire hoses:
Outer cover with up to 10 times more resistance to abrasion and to ozone than traditional hoses; Higher temperature resistance; Superior pressure rating; Flame resistance; Anti-static (FRAS) and anti-toxic (LOBA) cover; Specifically developed for underground, open pit mining and quarrying applications.
“We introduced the Rockmaster range of hoses for all of our two, four and six wire hoses several years ago”, says Alan Wood, Hyspec Mining Services Managing Director. “This proved to be highly beneficial to our customers as it resulted in longer hose life (20 to 50% longer than standard hoses), fewer replacements, and lower operating costs, much to the satisfaction of our customers. Most of our clients now request that we provide Rockmaster products for single wire hoses as well, which led us to phase out our standard one wire hoses and replace them with the Rockmaster equivalent. The new Rockmaster variant for single wire hoses will be available in all Hyspec workshops as stocks of current hoses are phased out.”
For additional information on Rockmaster hoses and on the introduction of the single wire variant in your country, please contact your operations manager or email sales@hyspec.com