Hyspec Mining Services Opens a New Workshop at Kibali (DRC)

In September, Hyspec Mining Services officially opened its new workshop at the Randgold Kibali Mine, in the North East of the DRC. The workshop is located on the Boart Longyear premises, a leading mineral exploration drilling services provider. The workshosp sits within two 40 feet containers and includes a large work area covered by the Hyspec domed facility.
It is fully equipped with Manuli hose assembly equipment, storage shelves and bins, as well as over 450 000 USD worth of hydraulic hoses, fittings and adaptors. Both the equipment and the stock are owned by Hyspec and consigned to the mine. The workshop is open to any contractor working on the mine or in the area.
“We have been using Hyspec and Manuli as our prefered hydraulic hoses supplier in Africa for numerous years”, explains Keith Palmer, Boart Longyear Southern Africa Operations Manager. “We were therefore keen to have them set up one of their consigned workshops on our premises at Kibali. Having Hyspec on site helps us reduce failed hoses replacement lead time and therefore allows us improve drilling equipment uptime and service to our customers. With Hyspec on site, we are also able to reduce logistics and administration processes, inventory levels, and are able to focus on preventive maintenance rather than on fire fighting problems.”
“The Northern part of the DRC, where Kibali is located is very isolated”, explains Bertrand Moins, Hyspec Congo Operations Manager. “Ensuring that that there is sufficient inventory at all times for a large mine such as Kibali is therefore a logistical nightmare, which makes this project very challenging. Despite these challenges, it was an easy decision for Hyspec to make a substantial investment in the workshop, to provide one of its long lasting customers in Africa, Boart Longyear, and the mine’s other contractors with first world quality hoses and help them in their daily struggle against downtime.”
For additional information on the Hyspec Kibali workshop, please contact: bertrand.moins@hyspec.com