Hyspec Organizational Changes

Hyspec experienced some more organizational changes and additions to its team since August 2013, to cater for the group’s expansion and customers’ evolving demands.
Tommy Bowman, previously Regional Director and Zambia Operations Manager, has relinquished his role as Zambia Operations Manager to Greg Bowman, in order to focus exclusively on sales development and operational activities for both East and West Africa. As Regional Director, Tommy has now taken overall responsibility for the sales growth of the Africa businesses in countries in which Hyspec is registered (Ghana, Mali, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Zambia).
Alan Wood, in addition to his Managing Director Role for the Hyspec Mining Services Group, has taken on Project and Sales Development in Australia and Asia, particularly in the mining sector.
Bertrand Moins joined Hyspec in August 2013 as Operations Manager for Cote d’Ivoire. Bertrand, a Belgian national, was previously Regional Director for a large construction and mining equipment dealer in the DRC.
Hennie Blignaut, from Fluiconnecto South Africa, joined Hyspec Mining Services as Project Manager for Tanzania.
Olivier Ngbeche joined Hyspec Cote d’Ivoire as driver, Sere Aboubacar joined Hyspec Burkina Faso as hose technician trainee, Alhousseyne Diabate joined Hyspec Guinea as invoice accountant, and Stephanie Martin joined Hyspec Australia as account assistant.
Fred Thiam, previously workshop supervisor in Burkina Faso, has moved to Sierra Leone. Henri Van Vuuren is now Regional Non Hydraulic Products training manager.
“The aim of these changes is to meet the group’s evolving needs and share expertise between group companies”, explains Helga Bock, Hyspec Mining Services Human Resources Manager. “Hyspec is now part of a bigger game, which induces new challenges, but also provides wider opportunities for everyone. By encouraging resources to move across the group, we expect new ideas and best practices to be shared, developed and implemented to the benefit of our customers.”