Fluiconnecto at Ką pasėsi 2024: Strengthening Ties & Showcasing Innovation


At the "Ką pasėsi 2024" fair held on Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd March, Fluiconnecto Lithuania showcased its commitment to excellence and innovation within the Agricultural sector.

With a dedicated sales team of seven, present throughout the three-day fair, our participation underscored our enduring presence, highlighting our numerous participations, well over ten times, in this esteemed event. The fair provided an invaluable platform for us to connect with both long-standing and prospective customers, reinforcing our relationships with farmers from across the country.

Arnoldas Lithuanian General Manager, reflected on the fair stating, "We enjoyed the opportunity to meet new customers as well reconnect with existing customers, the farmers from all over the country. We will be looking forward to extending business throughout this year with them and preparing new products and services to present at 'Ką pasėsi... 2025' next year."

This year, we were thrilled to highlight the Manuli Hydraulics MRB137EVOR and MHP80 crimping machines, which have proven to be ideally suited for small farmer repair shops. The fair allowed us to gain a plethora of contacts interested in cylinder repairs, aligning perfectly with our target.

Fluiconnecto's participation in "Ką pasėsi 2024" not only facilitated vital connections with the agricultural community but also set the stage for future innovations and collaborations.

We eagerly anticipate further expanding our business and introducing new products and services in the coming year, continuing to serve the needs and challenges of our valued clientele.