With the purpose to connect and network with customers and potential customers, Fluiconnecto Benelux has organized a series of Hydroshop Events across the region.

The Hydroshop Events will be taking place in the various Fluiconnecto Hydroshops (service points) strategically located in The Netherlands and Belgium, throughout the whole year.

This series of unique and interesting events are focused on strengthening the relationship with current and potential customers while giving to the public, in general, the opportunity to learn more about our solutions for the variety of markets and applications we work with.

The first Hydroshop Event took place on Friday 19th January, at our Hydroshop in Middelburg.

During the even guests had the chance to meet with Fluiconnecto Technicians, sales engineers, and Fluiconnecto Benelux General Manager Rob van Leeuwarden.

Starting at 14:00 pm, visitors were welcomed to the Hydrosphop in Middelburg. Among the guests were customers and potential customers from different market segments as construction, maritime and agriculture applications.

Guests were most interested in viewing behind the scenes of the Hydroshop and learning directly from the Fluiconnecto team about how they support customers with keeping their machines running.

Among the activities that took place, the Middleburg Hydroshop team organized a truck repair at the entrance of the Hydroshop, performed demonstrations of hose assemblies crimping and displayed a hydraulic unit.

This first experience served as an example for the future coming events. Fluiconnecto Benelux is enthusiastic to keep on organizing Hydroshop Events across the region and keep on connecting with customers and potential customers. It is this type of experience that helps Fluiconnecto to better understand their needs and requirements and offer improved and customized solutions.


Take a look at the pictures from the event!


Would you like to join our coming events? Stay tuned for more information on coming events, or contact our local team to keep you updated: info@fluiconnecto.nl