Fluiconnecto Botswana succeeds in increasing the efficiency of mining customers by implementing specific solutions, meeting and exceeding local requirements.

Fluiconnecto by Manuli regularly introduces new and innovative solutions in the industry. In order to KEEP IT RUNNING our product portfolio is always updated and our ranges are ever performing.

Prominent diamond mining companies in Botswana required to replace dated mining solutions with new and technologically advanced products. With the support of Festo equipment, Fluiconnecto implemented complete technical solutions which reduced the customer's workload and increased productivity, upgrading both security and efficiency of the overall system. Stainless Steel Control Cabinets (SVJB) were designed and built as protective equipment according to the requirements of the mining industry. Several components were integrated, such as c/w air preparation, valve terminals with hot swap, CPX module and drip cover.
Fluiconnecto specialists also ensured the solution was adapted to local environmental and weather conditions. The fully operational system was tested and delivered to the mining company ready to be directly installed on site.

«Here at Fluiconnecto Botswana, we have a large portfolio of products, solutions and manufacturers. It’s always important to understand the customer’s needs, select the right specialists for the project and deliver within the available timeframe. In this case, we were excited to implement a solution featuring Festo products that our technicians adapted to the harsh environment of the mining area. Festo is one of our key suppliers offering secure and reliable products that have been tried and tested to withstand mining conditions for over 50 years. 
High quality products and dedicated teams contribute to the success of our customers and keep the business running over the years.” 
Ryan Staal – General Manager Fluiconnecto Botswana

For more information about Fluiconnecto solutions, contact our local dedicated team https://www.fluiconnecto.com/contact.