The 12th Edition of “Nuit du Mérite” took place on the evening of May 9. The event was held in the city of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Nuit du Mérite is an event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Burkina Faso. This 12th edition theme was "Youth Entrepreneurship, a national challenge for economic growth and social stability”.

Just a week before the event, Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso (Locally known as: Hyspec Africa Sarl) received the good news about their nomination for the “Prix du Gouvernement” (Government Award) category.

This price recognizes five companies each year, for their valuable contribution to the national economy and social development.

A nominated company must comply with a number of requirements, which include criteria about both fiscal and social civism simultaneously. Among the selection criteria, can be mentioned the amount of permanent jobs created and the added value generated by the company.

A jury verifies the tax and social responsibility of the proposed companies, carried out together with governmental entities such as the General Direction of Taxes, the General Direction of Customs, the General Direction of Treasury and Public Accounts and the National Social Security Fund.

At the end of the assessment, among 75 nominees, Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso ranked in 2nd place.  Mrs. Margot Dufour, Operations Manager of Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso, proudly received the award during the ceremony and later on shared the accomplishment with all the team in Burkina Faso.


“It is with pride that we share this great news. On Monday morning, we held a meeting with the team members in Ouagadougou to show the award. This accomplishment is shared with all team members in Ouagadougou, who with their hard work and commitment allowed to obtain this appreciated recognition”.

Margot Dufour,  Operations Manager Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso event Nuit du Mérite 2

Picture: Mrs. Margot Dufour, Operations manager from Fluiconnecto Burkina Faso, receiving price.


Burkina Faso event Nuit du Mérite

Picture: All five winners from the “Prix du Gouvernement” award.