Fluiconnecto Celebrates 10 Years in the Middle East

It all started with Fluidtech

Fluidtechwas established on May 22nd 2007 as a general trading business in the city of Dubai, UAE selling only hydraulic hose and fittings. They based the business in Dubai, as it is considered the capital of business in the region, given its many unique features and investor-friendly regulations.

The company was founded by a small group of people who already had well stablished experience in the fluid-connections/hydraulic engineering business in the Middle East.

During those early years, Fluidtech achieved rapid growth in a short period of time mainly due its small dedicated, hardworking, customer-focused team. The main activity of the company was centered on supplying hydraulic hose and fluid connectors to a diverse range of market sectors, including Construction, Transportation, Marine and Oil & Gas Industries.


Fluidtech acquired by Fluiconnecto to establish a presence in the region

On December 21st 2011, Fluiconnecto by Manuli acquired Fluidtech.  Mr. Mohammad Irfan, founder of Fluidtech is currently the General Manager overseeing all the operations in the region (UAE, Oman and Qatar) together with his management team.

As part of the acquisition, Fluidtech agreed to change its name to “Manuli Fluiconnecto Emirates Trading LLC”.Throughout these past 10 years, the local operations have beenstrengthened by Fluiconnecto by Manuli’s global market presence, high quality products, wide service offering, technical know-how and international brand recognition.


Achievements and Highlights

From the outset Fluiconnecto had the clear goal to grow and make its products and services available in the entire region. Here are some of the most important achievements in its 10 year history.

  • 2011 - Fluiconnecto Inaugurates Hydroshop in Dubai

Fluiconnecto’s Dubai Hydroshop is located close to Sharjah, behind Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed highway that connects all the emirates. This is a fully-equipped Hydroshop with a central warehouse and workshop. The workshop has been accredited with ISO 9001 2015 certification, as well as APIQ1 and API7K licenses. Additionally, the workshop includes high quality testing facilities which support the IMR (Inspection Maintenance & Re-certification) services.

  • 2012 - Presence in Jabel Ali Free Zone

Fluiconntecto established a presence inside Jabel Ali Free Zone with the purpose of serving the +6.000 companies inside the Free Zone. This was part of Fluiconnecto’s strategy to get closer to its customers and to provide timely solutions to overcome the clients many operational challenges.

  • 2014 – CEO Dardanio Manuli Inaugurates Fluiconnecto ME HQ

Seeing growth in the region. Fluiconnecto Middle East decided to establish a central office close to the Dubai Hydroshop. This location was inaugurated by our CEO Mr. Dardanio Manuli, during his visit to Dubai, in 2014. This central office manages all the Finance, Administration, Logistics, Purchases, Operations & HR activities of the company in the region allowing the Hydroshops to focus on serving the customers.

  • 2014 - Fluiconnecto Opens in Oman

In 2012 Fluiconnecto Middle East held a customer event inviting 25 top customers from the Construction and Oil and Gas industries. The networking event was so successful that many doors were opened throughout the entire region including Oman.

On August the 05th 2014, Fluiconnecto Middle East started operations in Oman and opened a Hydroshop that included hose assembly and testing facilities as in Dubai. The Oman Hydroshop in Muscat is now accredited with ISO 9001-2015 Certificate by DNV.

Fluiconnecto Oman is now the leading fluid-connections company in the region and future plans are in place to keep expanding by opening new Hydroshops, supporting customers at their doorstep.

  • 2015 - Further Expansion in UAE with Operations in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the base of may well-known Oil companies. Oil & Gas is one of the most profitable and developed markets in the region and in order to serve clients in this sector it is essential that Fluiconnecto has a presence in the city.  On March 5th 2015, Fluiconnecto Middle East began operations in Abu Dhabi and opened a Hydroshop in Musaffah Industrial Area. This Hydroshop is ISO 9001-2015 accredited as well as having “In Country Value” (ICV) critical for local supply contracts. We now serve the main important names in the Oil & Gas sector and support them with high quality products and services.

  • 2016 – Fluiconnecto Opens in Qatar

Fluiconnecto Middle East established a legal entity in Qatar on August 10th 2016. One of the main opportunities identified in this region was the award of the 2022 FIFA World cup to this country.

The operations initially showed good progress but faced difficulties to grow like many other businesses due to the blockade from neighboring countries. Nevertheless, due to the ending of the blockade in January 2021, the situation is expected to improve significantly in the near future.


We Keep it Running in The Middle East

The biggest challenge that customers face in our sector is to reduce downtime and to keep the operations running. To face these challenges Fluiconnecto continuously develops new and improved solutions, products and services, that can perform in the toughest conditions and be available 24/7.

The company’s objective is to keep on growing and to bring the manufacturer to the customers’ doorstep throughout the entire region.  Fluiconnecto Middle East, as well as Fluiconnecto Global, will keep on working to achieve this objective and keep it running for many more years to come.

"Our motto 'We keep it going' is quite challenging. For us, this means that we must anticipate the needs of our customers before they do, so that we can deliver our services and critical materials on time. In our field of operations, it is not unusual that by the time we receive requests from clients, they will need it by yesterday. To meet these challenges and as part of our strategy to keep the company energetic, we focus on recruiting and training young people. Of course, at the same time we value experience and knowledge, which is why we continue to work with our original team. In this regard, I am proud to say that we have a mixed team of young recruits as well as seasoned veterans who have been working with us from the very beginning, for the last 10 years. This combination is in line with our vision of maintaining the highest standards in our business ethics and instilling the feeling of a single Fluiconnecto family in our Organization”. Mohammad Irfan, CEO of Manuli Fluiconnecto Middle East

We are looking forward to working together! For quotations and enquiries about our products and services in The Middle East Region, please contact our local teams!

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