It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of a new Hydroshop in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. This is the fifth Fluiconnecto Hydroshop in the Colombian region.

As part of Fluiconnecto’s global strategy, Fluiconnecto Colombia is looking forward to supporting more and more customers from the maritime industry and related applications.

Our new Hydroshop is located close to the port of Santa Marta, one of the most important ports in Colombia. Santa Marta´s Port is the deepest port in the American continent, this allows the arrival of all sizes of ships from all over the world. Thanks to its privileged geographical location, with a natural depth anchorage, the port serves to dock large vessels, both cargo, and passengers.

"The opening of our new Hydroshop in Santa Marta goes in line with Fluiconnecto’s strategy of gaining presence and market share in the maritime sector in Colombia. Customers will be able to find us just a short distance from the Sociedad Portuaria Regional Group de Santa Marta. We also hope to strengthen commercial relations with important companies in this region such as Drummond and the Port Society of Puerto Nuevo. This new location will ensure as well the supply of services and products for other nearby ports, like Puerto Brisa and Puerto Rio Córdoba. In addition, we have identified potential customers in the area who, although are dedicated to other activities apart from the maritime sector, will also benefit from our timely and conveniently located solutions. For example, the agro-industry sector focused on the processing of African palm and customers working with steel processing. For all these reasons, and taking into account the well-known sustained growth and the notable economic contribution to the national GDP (1.3%) of the Magdalena region, Fluiconnecto Colombia has decided to be part of this growing regional development." said Mr. Orlando Velásquez General Manager of Fluiconnecto Colombia.

Our Santa Marta Hydroshop is equipped with an assembly line for timely on-site hose assembling. It already counts with a complete stock of high-quality products as well, including our well known Manuli product range, of course.

Among the several services provided by our Hydroshop, customers will be served with:

  • Hose crimping
  • flui–ID Hose Management Program
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Hose tagging with traceable ID Codes
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Technical advice an support
  • Pressures testing, flushing, and certification

With everything set in place, our local team of qualified technicians is already looking forward to serving customers, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.


Would you like to learn more about our solutions for the marine sector?

Come visit us or contact us:

Address: Carrera 5 # 11 - 24

Email: hssantamarta@fluiconnecto.com.co

Phone: (57) 3132775746


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